The basis of my approach

All living beings have an energy field composed of a myriad of circuits where energy circulates. This energy feeds our organs and maintains the quality of our mood. The busy lives we lead can tax our system, and even cause blockages and deformations in our energy field’s form. We may feel a lowering of vitality, discomfort, physical illness, emotional imbalances or a sensation of being stuck in a rut.

I am able to identify energy blockages in the body and to free them. I lightly touch strategic points as the person lies comfortably on a massage table. I don’t use any apparatus other than my hands. The person enters a state of deep relaxation and experiences a significant reduction in symptoms.

The energy approach is completely compatible with modern medical treatments. In this situation, the purpose of the medication is to correct the biochemical equilibrium of an organ, whereas the stimulation of the life energy will activate the body’s general equilibrium and its regulating mechanisms.

In general, 4 appointments will be sufficient to re-establish equilibrium. For traumas or for more serious problems, a little more time will be needed. Appointments should be made at least 2 weeks apart to allow the body to adapt to and integrate the new energy circulation.

Note: I am not able to translate energy blockages into any type of medical diagnosis.

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