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Speaker, trainer, natural therapist


With a passionate interest in human growth and development, for more than 10 years I have been a natural therapist specialized in energy management and well-being.

Recognized for my successful interventions against professional burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety and emotional shock, I am presently collaborating with the University of Ottawa where I teach interpersonal communication, assertiveness, and stress management.


  • You would like to succeed and maintain your balance?
  • You want a team that performs and communicates respectfully?

The goal of my interventions is to share my techniques and knowledge with those who want to make a difference by their actions while at the same time maintaining personal vitality and integrity.




For the Work Environment:
Conferences and workshops focussing on the effectiveness, communication and dynamic of the work group.


For Social Organizations, Counsellors, and Family Caregivers:
• compassion fatigue
• guilt
• helping without exhausting yourself


For Individuals:
Individual coaching and personalized workshops that teach how to independently develop internal vitality, calm and balance.





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Who I am


Passionnée avant tout par l’être humain, j’ai choisi de quitter une carrière d’économiste pour devenir naturothérapeute spécialisée dans la gestion de l’énergie et du mieux-être.

Reconnue pour mes interventions efficaces contre l’épuisement professionnel, l’anxiété et les chocs émotionnels, depuis 10 ans j’ai reçu des centaines de personnes en consultation privée et j’ai donné des dizaines d’ateliers et conférences à diverses clientèles.
Je collabore présentement avec l’Université d‘Ottawa où j’enseigne la communication interpersonnelle, l’affirmation de soi et la gestion de stress.

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