Energize Your Life

Intended for: Anyone who wishes to improve his/her quality of lifefeuartifice

Duration: 2 days in a beautiful setting


Learn simple, practical, and effective techniques to help you, at home or at the office, to:

  • conserve or revitalize your energy
  • regain control of your life
  • enjoy life again

A lively, practical, stress-free workshop!  In fact, we have fun “feeling and touching” our own and others’ energy fields. You learn how the stability of your energy field can be affected by the energy of others.  You will also learn how to protect yourself from negative energy and how to increase the level of your own energy.


In this workshop, you will learn energy techniques that enable you to:

  • Regain your energy and utilize its creative power
  • Ground yourself, in order to be more stable in your daily life
  • Be around negative or stressed people without being affected
  • Gradually release heavy energies acquired during the day
  • Cut yourself off from surrounding negative energy
  • Help others while at the same time respecting your own energy (limits)
  • Use the power of words to improve your quality of life
  • Regain confidence in what you feel and in the power of your intuition
  • Practice a daily energy hygiene in order to regenerate and stimulate your energy potential
  • Live in the moment and enjoy the innumerable benefits

You will receive the most benefit if:

  • You are someone who is sensitive, and concerned for the well-being of others
  • You have a natural tendency to help someone in need
  • You carry a lot of weight on your shoulders
  • You have to respond to constant demands
  • You are affected by stressed or negative people
  • You have experienced difficult situations that have shaken your self-confidence
  • You wish to make changes in your life

These techniques will allow you to:

  • Have more energy and stabilize your level of energy
  • Improve your sleep
  • Better manage difficult relationships
  • Remain calm
  • Experience more joy in your life
  • Regain control of your life
  • Understand the impact the energy field has on your life and on that of others


Date: March 26th and 27th 2011 (9:00 to 4:30)Club de golf Royal Ottawa

Cost:  $320, including lunch. A naturo therapy receipt is given

Place:  Royal Ottawa Golf Club in Gatineau (Aylmer sector) facing Champlain bridge




I discovered my own power to manage my energy. I take back the control of my life.

Thanks to this workshop, I did avoid a burnout and I regained my zest of life.

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