Energy Retructuring

The energy field that surrounds our body stores the memory of our life’s events. It can become overloaded and deformed. The shape of our energy field keeps us in specific thought patterns and ways of reacting to life. Certain forms of the field will influence some people to be very sensitive to their surroundings, while others will have difficulty to stop working, and still others will be stressed by everything they have to do. In addition, a constriction of the energy field causes considerable fatigue.


Energy restructuring is especially indicated for persons:

  • having experienced emotional shocks or violent situations
  • who have had an accident
  • having experienced professional burnout or a depression
  • who wish to change directions in life
  • who have physical disorders that are difficult to correct using medication, for example, migraines.


Not feeling well?
Your energy field may be the cause…

We possess an energy that circulates throughout our bodies and nourishes our organs.  This energy radiates towards the outside and forms an energy field that surrounds us. This field ensures our physical, mental and emotional well-being.  As long as the energy circulates freely within our bodies and fields, we feel well on all these levels.  However, the impact of life experiences (emotional shock, surgery, accidents, etc.) can change the shape of the field or cause it to constrict in certain areas.  As a result, we may experience a reduced energy flow and lock into a certain way of behaving in life that reflects the shape of the field.  Let’s look at some examples…


The structure of your field may limit your potential



A lot of energy feeds the head and brain functions. In this case, a person can plan and organize in great detail but experiences a lot of difficulty taking the action necessary to execute these plans.  There is a lack of energy in the legs and therefore little support for action.    The person knows what they want to do but feels very stressed.  He/she rarely accomplishes projects according to plan.



This person is called to constant action.  He/she is unable to slow down or stop because there is a lack of energy at the back of the body which would enable him/her to relax. Even though there is a lot of fatigue this person continues to accept new responsibilities, risking burnout.



In this situation, people dwell in the past and hold to traditional ways of doing things.  It is very difficult to adapt to a new way of being.  They feel caught in old patterns in spite of their efforts to find new ways.



This person’s direction in life is to some extent determined at birth – by the mission or wish of the parents.  Ties to the mother and family tradition take priority.  There is no room left to create a personal life and pursue personal goals.



This shape characterizes people who have had to keep a secret or deny creative abilities.  The constriction of energy at the throat impedes personal or artistic communication. Energy flow to the head is limited and may eventually result in headaches, migraines or vision problems.



In this instance a person lacks vitality or confidence in his/her physical abilities.  There may be hormonal, sexual, menstrual or fertility problems.



A large energy field characterizes people who are sensitive to the needs of others and want to help.  These people must learn to manage their energy fields so that they don’t take the problems and sufferings of others upon themselves.  They risk draining their own energy.  A more compact field will furnish them with the energy necessary to help others. A large energy field might be the cause of claustrophobia.



Following a dramatic event or a long period of stress, certain energy circuits may become overcharged and break down. A major energy imbalance is created and the body and spirit are drained of their energy.  An illness may not be present but the body feels sluggish and the person feels emotionally on edge.  The person feels his/her physical and mental health deteriorating.


Restructuring of the energy makes it possible to correctly reposition the energy field, unblock it and recharge its energy.  Previous barriers created by the unbalanced field disappear and the person experiences greater freedom and harmony of action in life.  These changes occur quickly and without effort.  The person is now centered in his/her energy and has access to a dynamic and powerful energy.  Life is seen more clearly and the person is able to make choices that correspond to personal goals and values.   In summary, the person now feels energetically supported in the actions that must be taken to realize his/her life.

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