Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has been clinically proven 80% effective for traumas, abuse, stress, anxiety, fears, guilt, phobias, depression, bereavement, and a hundred physical symptoms, including headache, pains, fibromyalgia and respiratory difficulties. This technique often results in relief where other techniques have failed.

It maintains the circulation of energy in circuits which, up to then, have been blocked; this resulted in physical or emotional pain. This technique of self-healing has surprising efficiency. In the space of a few minutes, and is easy to practice. Freed from anxiety stemming from a situation, we regain our strength and capacities to face it. Life becomes easier and we feel more stable.


EFT is particularly suggested for those who are experiencing:
• muscular pains, bursitis, stiff neck
• sciatic pain
• a period of bereavement
• an emotional shock
• post-traumatic stress
• fears or phobias

For more information: www.emofree.com

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