Who am i

I am Linda Côté. The human being has always been a passion for me. Understanding how the different facets of an individual interact to determine a person’s physical and psychological condition has always been fascinating for me. After receiving a scientific education and following a career in international development as an economist, I studied new methods to heal the body and the mind. I am now qualified in Energy System Mastering, in La Trame technique, as well as in the Emotional Freedom Technique. I provide these techniques, which help to free one from traumas without having to relive the emotional drama. In the last seven years I have met over 350 persons in private consultation. I consider my role is to free the energy blockages and thus assist the person to reconnect to the grandeur of what it is to be Human. I am recognized by the National Association of Naturopaths. As a member of the NAN, I provide receipts that are accepted by most insurance companies. signature linda3

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