Do you need an energy adjustment?

My recent life events:

  • I experienced stressful situations.
  • I had to make important decisions.
  • I’ve been overworked for several weeks.
  • I’ve experienced situations that affected me emotionally, but I had to remain strong.
  • I helped others who were having difficulties.
  • I have a tendency to put my work and my family before myself.

My symptoms:

  • I have trouble getting through the day.
  • I have trouble sleeping.
  • I suffer from muscular tension.
  • I have problems with digestion.
  • My ideas don’t flow as easily as before.
  • I have more trouble in analysing my situation clearly and in making decisions.
  • I am hypersensitive.
  • I am feeling emotionally insecure.

If your energy system is constricted …
When we are going through stressful situations or when we come to the rescue of persons who are going through difficult times, we have a tendency to absorb the emotional charge of the situation. Our system becomes overloaded, which results in our ideas becoming less clear and vivid. We have more trouble in evaluating our options when planning our life’s direction. Also, our organs function more poorly and fatigue sets in. On the emotional level, we will feel either a compression of captive emotions or go through a fit of mixed emotions.

… it is always possible to free it.
It is possible to return to one’s natural equilibrium by freeing the system of the excess load. Just as massage removes knots from the muscles, an energetic intervention removes blockages. An individual who has received an energetic adjustment discovers that his life regains its former energy, and he is happy to see that sleep and other physical functions are reset. In addition, emotional balance returns and the person regains control over their life.

Don’t wait for your body to abandon you; have your energy adjusted now!

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