Are you emotionally overloaded?

Do you recognize these reactions in yourself:

  • I cry easily when watching a film.
  • I am disturbed when listening to the news.
  • I am easily hurt by others’ remarks.
  • I react strongly to rather minor irritations.
  • When conditions affect me, I lose all my energy.
  • My mood is greatly affected by my environment.


You are not alone!

It is normal to be emotionally overburdened after having gone through a period of intense stress. During these periods, solutions must be urgently found. Our attention is directed towards actions needed to survive the stress and the complexity of the situation. We cannot give attention to our emotional state.

When the emergency is over and some stability returns, the emotional repercussions become apparent. They appear unexpectedly ? a sign that we must now give some time to unblock them.


There are solutions…

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) brings results quickly and doesn’t have emotionally traumatizing effects. It combines verbal expression with the body’s energy circulation. Its efficiency and gentleness are truly surprising, and it is easy enough that anyone can practise it.

Energetic cleaning and energetic balancing are gentle and effective ways to regain our emotional balance and serenity. You will be agreeably surprised by their effectiveness.



Regain your power to create your life in line with your aspirations!

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