Heal Your Relationships

Prerequisite:    the workshop “Energize your life”
Duration:   1.5 daysétoilesmer

  1. Deepen the knowledge presented in “Energize your life”. Know when to use specific techniques in different situations.
  2. Understand the importance and legacy of your first relationships in your childhood.
  3. Learn a technique that will permit you to take back the strengths and abilities that may have been repressed by different relationships in your life, whether this occurred during your childhood by parents or teachers, or as an adult by your professional or personal relationships
  4. A practical tool to manage difficult relationships and unfinished business and to let go of these past issuesLearn to be fully yourself in your relationships.
  5. Master the four steps of successful communications.
  6. Regain your freedom in your choices and in your life.

“I am happy to have an easy way to get ride of the emotional parasites.”

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