Health via Emotions

émotionThe negative emotions that we repress become actual toxins for our health. However, we all go through life situations where we must contain our emotions. It is important to know that repressed emotions create stress in our organism. The stress releases a series of hormonal reactions, studied by psychoneuroimmunologists, which prepare the body to make a strenuous effort in reaction to stress, but which inhibit the immune system.


Stress hormones cause blood to be redirected from the internal organs outward to the limbs to give them more strength. However, when the organs lack an adequate blood supply they do not function properly and our entire biological equilibrium, and therefore out health, is compromised. In addition, to contain emotions such as anger requires a great energy output.


It is important to know how to safely release our negative emotions and thereby reestablish our equilibrium and our health. Physical activity can release excess stress. On the other hand, to release an emotion we must first be aware of it and be able to name it. We often suggest writing or verbalizing our emotions, but not in the presence of anyone involved!


The Emotional Freedom Technique is still the most effective solution, because it reunites verbal expression with the body’s energy circulation. The person learns how to rebalance their energy themselves while resolving the emotion. This is a key to the effectiveness and gentleness of this marvellous technique. See the technique at work in the workshop Good Bye Pain, so Easy with EFT


Free yourself from emotional toxins and rediscover your health!

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