Claustrophobia is an excessive fear of being in restricted spaces. A claustrophobic person will have anxiety attacks when they find themselves in places such as an elevator, an airplane, a prissmall room, or any place where it could be difficult to leave, such as a crowded restaurant. This attack can lead to some difficulty in breathing, stomach pains, headaches, or dizziness. In general, a therapy will be recommended where the person learns to control their thoughts and symptoms using relaxation techniques and retraining their reactions to closed spaces.


It is interesting to see that most people who suffer from claustrophobia have a very wide energy field. In fact, their energy field might occupy the entire area of a room in a house, so it is easy to understand that they feel more confined in small spaces. It is possible to modify the energy field’s shape. These persons soon notice a change in their anxious reactions after their energy field has resumed a more standard shape. Modifying their energy field is a non-invasive alternative for those who suffer from anxiety that interferes with their life.

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