Are you being stalked by burnout?

Does your work environment foster burnout?

  • My workload is greater than I can accomplish.
  • Work priorities change rapidly and unexpectedly.
  • Work demands are numerous and even contradictory.
  • My efforts are not recognized or valued.
  • Even if I make suggestions for changes, no one is interested.

Does your personality make you vulnerable to burnout?

  • I really want to do things well.
  • I prefer to carry out my tasks myself rather than ask for help.
  • I would like to change things for the better and help others.
  • I feel that all my effort contributes nothing.
  • In order to do my work, I must act contrary to my personal values.

Are you nearing burnout?

  • I have trouble sleeping.
  • I have difficulty concentrating and making decisions.
  • I am impatient, I explode over small sources of irritation.
  • I can no longer find ways to have fun or to laugh.
  • My family and friends would like me to spend more time with them.
  • I lose my appetite, my digestion is bad, my back, or my head hurts.
  • I am feeling more and more tired, I get sick easily.
  • I feel anxious about tasks that I found easy to do before.
  • I feel disillusioned about my work situation.

Act quickly! We can head off burnout
and avoid falling into the pit of physical and mental breakdown. The more you use up your reserves, the more difficult it will be to climb back up the slope.

Burnout is a weakening and wearing down of your vital energy. Restoring your energy system could help you avoid this painful experience and assist you in recovering the sparkle in your life.

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