Stronger Than the Pressure!

Target Clientele: Hard working professionals

Duration: one day


Workshop Overview

Increase performance, increase efficiency. This is the reality in today’s workplace. These demands put additional pressure on employees who are obliged to adapt to new methods of working, do more with less, and maintain a cohesive team.  Knowing how to manage this pressure has become a necessary skill for the conscientious employee.

In this workshop, we tackle the pressure generated by delayed action, a change in priorities, uncertainty in the work environment and complex interpersonal relationships.

Participants will have the opportunity to take stock of their situations. They will be encouraged to reassert the value of their abilities. They will learn about and put into practice tools that will enable them to better manage their workloads, adapt to change, ensure the control of their emotions and deal with difficult relationships. Participants will leave with a set of tools that will enable them to continue to create a better work experience.



  • Identify both the personal and external sources of pressure
  • Attaining your objectives by better management of your thoughts and energies  
  • Identify ways to discharge the pressure
  • Understand the impact of words on yourself and others
  • Stay focussed despite the pressure
  • Master techniques that fully restore your energy


Pedagogy Methods

  • Lecturing supported by material containing humorous insertions
  • Discussion, exchange and small group work 
  • Personal reflection periods
  • Practical exercises


Target Clientele

  • Professionals dealing with high demands and changing priorities 
  • Anyone who wishes to acquire tools and strategies that enable them to work better in a demanding environment
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