Stronger Than the Pressure!


photo: Adrien Duey


Target audience: general population
Duration: 90 minutes


  • Identify work environments that generate the most stress
  • Know personality types that are most likely to experience stress
  • Recognize the 6 phases of burnout
  • Feel the negative impact that certain words can have
  • Set your limits in a respectful manner
  • Understand that before giving energy, we must first fill up
  • Learn easily accessible tools to reduce stress, experience greater pleasure in your life and regenerate your energy



“Linda provides expert tips on dealing with modern day work stress. She could relate to our situation very well”.
Morgan Currie, Competition Bureau, Government of Canada

“This conference was useful and fun! I have many stresses and I learned many new tricks to deal with them”.
Sarah Boonstra, Competition Bureau, Government of Canada

“Excellent presentation, very practical. We see how applying this advice will help us.”
Bernard Madé, Director, Environment Canada

“I loved the simplicity, humour and anecdotes. A conference that encourages new self-awareness.”
Francine Provost, President, EKIP Traning and Consulting

“Practical tools for daily living.”
Sylvie Mercier, Investment Advisor, SFL Investments

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